Should You Return to Coworking Space Miami or Continue Working from Home?

The popularity of coworking spaces, such as WeWork, The Wing, and Soho Work, has increased over the years. Five hundred forty-two thousand people worked in coworking spaces in the United States in 2017, according to COVID-19. Once stay-at-home restrictions begin to lift across the United States due to COVID-19, the amount of that expansion will largely depend on small business owners’ decisions.

Small business owners must consider all aspects before selecting, as each option has its benefits and drawbacks. Before making a choice, small company owners need to weigh all factors. Understanding the best practices for maximizing productivity while working from either location is critical after making a decision.

Pros of continuing to work from home

Controlled environment with limited contact

One of the most apparent reasons for working from home is that it lowers the spread of germs. Employees will continue to benefit from a social distance if they work from home.

Time savings

Employees save time by not having to commute to work, which they can spend on more productive activities.

Cons of continuing to work from home

Lack of privacy

Working from home might isolate you from other teammates, given that you won’t be able to see them. Working from home might also reduce your isolation from family members, housemates, and their friends and contacts, especially if you don’t have a dedicated workplace to go to.

Lack of meeting space

Even with a private office, conducting critical face-to-face client meetings or team collaboration sessions may be tricky without a meeting area.

Pros of returning to coworking spaces

Coordination of resources for small firms

Coworking spaces can enhance collaboration to connect local government resources with small business owners. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these owners might profit from the various local emergency relief funds and resources accessible, such as those being administered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Get connected to the local music scene.

These spaces are essential for small business owners navigating the new rules and best practices established by the coronavirus because they allow them to connect with their community and social networks.

Improved motivation

Sharing a workplace with other workers can be a source of peer accountability and motivation to work hard.

Increased collaboration

A coworking space’s variety, such as interacting with a software engineer the next and an SEO specialist the day after, can help small businesses develop efficiencies and innovative ideas due to cross-functional collaboration.



If you feel like you’ve become too lonely working from home, returning to a coworking space may be your best option. With coworking spaces, you may meet and network with other professionals, which can help reignite your love for your job. If you decide to return to a coworking space, SkySpaces is always here for you.

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