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Dedicated Desks

Private Workspace Features and Benefits

Customize your desk experience, network, and accomplish your business goals in a luxurious office setting, all with a surplus of added benefits that allow you to excel in your business goals.

  • Member Only Social Events
  • Member Networking Events
  • 24 X 7 Secure Access
  • 1000 Mbps WI-FI Access
  • Daily Cleaning Service
  • 24hr Skyspace Staff
  • Private Phone Booths
  • Dedicated Conference Rooms
  • Complementary Fitness Area
  • Free Printing & Shredding
  • Complimentary Craft Coffee & Tea
  • Complimentary Fruit and Snacks
  • Free Member Parking
  • Free Guest Parking
  • Complimentary Executive Shuttle
Flex pass benefits

With a fast setup, substantial savings over traditional office space and lush amenities, immerse yourself in the top-quality environment that you deserve. Don’t wait, start today!

Complimentary Snacks

Never go hungry again. Enjoy the smaller amenities while you focus on the big picture.

Unlimited Coffee & Tea

Need more focus or a calming moment? You will always be taken care of here.

Courthouse & Downtown Shuttle

Don’t endure Ft. Lauderdale traffic, parking, or walking in the rain, enjoy our complimentary shuttle.

Fastest WI-FI Available

No settling for slow internet speeds ever again. SkySpaces keeps your business as efficient as possible.

24/ 7 Secure Access

A safe and secure environment, smart technology, and 24/7 access for any of your needs.

Free Parking for Members & Guests

No need to explain where the next parking garage is or have your guests leave with a parking ticket.

Flat No-Gimic Pricing

SkySpaces flat pricing ensures you receive no surprises. With our lush amenities and added benefits, the Shared Workspace is a preferable option to getting it all at a low-cost. Choose from one of our three membership plans.

Business community

Come join our network of likeminded individuals all going towards the same goal. Growth

Additional Services

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Let us show you the new way to work at SkySpaces